Our Direct Giving campaign is simple: We ask that you donate directly to the PTO to support the many needs of our school and students. Our all-volunteer PTO fully funds many educational programs and events to offer them for FREE. 


This year our goal is to raise $45,000 in Direct Giving donations. These funds will help to cover our annual PTO operating budget to provide all of the programming and events listed below. Your previous generous donations last year allowed us to build an amazing outdoor classroom next to the garden, host so many fun family and community events, and provide our amazing teachers with grants, recognition and development. This year, we would like to complete a library remodel, purchase educational stencils for use on the playground, and continue providing our teachers with classroom and development support that the district does not cover through our teacher grants.


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​​​​​Teacher Grants


One of the largest portions of our PTO budget goes to our Teacher Grants each year. Every teacher at Sandpiper is given grant money to reimburse them for necessary items for their classrooms. The district provides very little for our kids’ classrooms. With your generous support, we will reimburse $18,600 to our committed teachers to build our classrooms. Our teachers express their deep thanks for this ongoing support. 

Here is what some of our teachers have done with their PTO Teacher Grants:

Sra. Giardina, 1st Grade Teacher: 
I have bought treasure box prizes for my kiddos, manipulatives, games and lots of Spanish lessons, crafts, etc.


Mrs. Eley 5th Grade Teacher: 
The Sandpiper PTO has been extremely supportive of the  writing program that I use in my 5th grade classroom and of my desire to procure a library of high interest, engaging books for my students.  I have had the opportunity to attend a week long Writing Institute at Columbia's Teachers College in New York.  This is a week spent focusing on how to help  students grow as writers.  Teachers come from around the world to attend this institute.  I can't even describe the energy that you feel when you are surrounded by 1,000 other educators who are all focused on helping  students  become better writers. Our days are spent writing as if we were students.  We are introduced to mentor texts, strategies and checklists that help us better assess the level of our student's writing, and we are able to practice our "conferencing skills" which help us have more focused conversations about what our students are writing.  Additionally, we have an opportunity to hear from well-known children's authors. In addition to supporting my interest in the Units of Study writing program, my book shelves are filled with high interest, engaging books that I have been able to purchase using teacher grant money. Because of your generous donations,  5th grade students are immersed in a much stronger writing program and they are surrounded by books that they are excited to read.  Thank you!  

Mrs. Zimmerli, Resource:
I used my teacher grant money to buy 4 individual, rechargeable CD players for students who need to listen to stories to help them learn to read better.






Corporate Match: 


Many companies offer a "corporate match" for personal donations made by their employees! If your company participates in a corporate match program, email us at ptosandpiper@gmail.com and we will help you complete the paperwork!



Sandpiper PTO is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Donation amounts will be confidential.
***This donation is NOT part of the Tax Credit!***  But it IS Tax Deductible!
Thank you for your support!